What is the cause of the damage to the car fuse?

Usually the number of cars more cars, car appliances are more, so more or less will encounter the fuse blown the situation, not because of a few dollars of the fuse was misdiagnosed as other problems led to spend a lot of money wasted.

First, the circuit protection device:
The role of the fuse is in the car when the electrical equipment occurs short circuit or overload conditions when the power supply, play to protect the role of other appliances and lines. It is only a protection program to avoid a greater loss, it can prevent short circuit after the destruction of vehicles and fire, but can not predict and prevent the occurrence of short circuit.
The relay is also a protective circuit components, its role is to control the high current current, such as the car with some high power, work when the current is very large, if the direct use of switch control will cause the switch volume is too large and too complicated , So the use of relay method, with a small power switch control relay and then control the high-power electrical appliances.
Second, replace the fuse Note:
1, to replace the same specifications of the fuse
If you use a small current, and soon will be broken, if the use of high current, then in the event of a short circuit, the fuse is not easy to disconnect, it is easy to cause a fire. Disassembly should pay attention to see the top of the fuse ampere mark. If the fuse is burned out so that the amperage value can not be identified, we can also judge by its color, the international standard: 2A gray, 3A purple, 4A pink, 5A orange, 7.5A brown, 10A red, 15A blue, 20A yellow, 25A colorless and transparent, 30A green, 40A dark orange.

2, condemnation
There are many fuses in the fuse box, because there are many optional equipment on the car line, so there are many empty position on the fuse box, if the fuse inserted in the vacancy, simply can not play a role, you should carefully check the fuse box Of the English control of the electrical installation.
Third, the location of the fuse box:
General models of the insurance box are in the engine next to the front of the steering wheel, open the machine cover can be seen.
All kinds of models of the fuse box in the location is not the same: common in the lower left corner of the steering wheel that position, the other in the negative driving side, but also in the miscellaneous box, trunk and engine compartment.
Blown the fuse is generally not visible with the naked eye, you need to use the pen to detect. In general, the fuse is broken, the car part of a part is not functioning properly, so when a part of the car is not normal when not easily overlooked, to timely view, especially the fuse, hidden big.
Fourth, those acts will cause a huge burden for the car circuit
1, direct rinse the engine compartment with water
In order to make the engine cleaner, wash the engine compartment directly with water, it is easy to cause the circuit short circuit, resulting in the fuse of the vehicle fuse.
2, modified lights
In recent years, headlamps upgrade quickly, many owners think their lights are not bright enough, many have changed into a high power lights. If the converted headlamp power is too large, the car load is too heavy, it will easily lead to damage to the vehicle fuse.
3, modified speakers
Excessive pursuit of sound to modify the sound is not surprising. As with the headlamps, if the converted speaker's power is too large, it is easy to cause damage to the vehicle fuse.
4, the wrong use of cigarette lighter
Now a lot of equipment are using cigarette lighter as a power supply, like a charger, the general power of the device is no problem, but be careful not to use high-power equipment, to avoid fuse blown.

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